GPS Auction
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Listing Fee
From 1.00 GBP To 100.00 GBP 1.00 GBP
Additional Category Fee 0.50 GBP
Images Upload Fee 1.00 GBP
Highlighted Item Fee 100.00 GBP
Bold Item Fee 100.00 GBP
Category Featured Fee 0.25 GBP
Home Page Featured Fee 1.00 GBP
Reserve Price Fee 1.00 GBP
Item Swap Fee 2.50 GBP
Custom Start Time Fee 0.25 GBP
Media Upload Fee 0.50 GBP
Wanted Ad Setup Fee 0.10 GBP
Classified Ad Setup Fee 20.00 GBP
End of Auction Fee - Paid by Seller
From - To Above 10.00%
% will be applied to users from 0